Booking Status Report

Booking Status Report


The Booking Status Report displays bookings along with the status of the bookings and other various details including the balance due.
This report can be useful when you need to view all bookings with a certain status, for example if you are wanting to see all bookings with a pickup date of today that have not yet been hired. This report would allow you to easily see which ones still have a balance owing and also which ones have a credit card saved in the secure vault.

Accessing Booking Status Report:

Reports >> Daily Activity Reports >> Booking Status Report


Pickup Location
This report can be run for All Locations or a specific location.
This report can be run for All Regions or a specific region.
If you have branding turned on within your RCM system, you can choose to run this report for All Brands or a specific brand.
Booking Status

You can choose to run the report for one of the following booking statuses:
  1. All Bookings
  2. Reservation
  3. Hired
  4. Maintenance
  5. Cancelled
  6. Returned
  7. Quotation
  8. Non Revenue
Booking Type
You can choose to run the report for one of the following booking types:
  1. All Bookings
  2. Agent Bookings Only
  3. Non-Agent Bookings Only
  4. A specific Agent 
Balance Owing
By clicking the "Balance owing only" option, you can choose to only return bookings where there is a balance owing.
If you don't select this, then all bookings will be returned.
The report can be run for All Categories or a specific category
Date Range Type
This report can be run for one of the following date range types:
  1. Pickup Date
  2. Drop off Date
  3. Date Closed
Date Range
The date range that will be applied to the report.
Order By
You can choose to order the report by one of the following options:
  1. Pickup Date
  2. Drop Off Date
  3. Res #
  4. Category
  5. Fleet #
  6. Rental Days


Res #
The reservation number of the booking.
Clicking on the red reservation number will open the Booking Details screen.
Reference #
The reference number that has been saved against the booking.
Clicking on the Update button will open the Booking Form allowing you to update the booking.
The status of the booking.
The vehicle category that has been assigned to the booking.
The registration number of the vehicle assigned to the booking.
Fleet #
The Fleet Number of the vehicle assigned to the booking.
The Vehicle Model used in the booking.
The name of the customer against the booking.
The name of the company against the booking
Pick Up Location
The Pick Up Location of the booking
Pick Up Date
The Pickup Date and Time of the booking.
Drop Off Location
The Drop Off Location of the booking
Drop Off Date
The Drop Off Date and Time of the booking
Date Entered 
The date and time the booking was entered
Booking Total
The Booking Total amount.
Balance Due
The Balance Due on the booking
Credit Card
If there is a credit card saved in the secure vault for this booking then "Yes" will appear in this column.
The number of days of the booking
Daily Rate
The daily rate 
Invoice Method
The invoice method recorded against the booking.
Please note: by default, this is a hidden field. For information on dealing with this please see the Show Hide and Resize Columns in Reports article.


Click here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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