Booking Module - Adding and Updating a Reservation

Booking Module - Adding and Updating a Reservation

Adding a Reservation

The booking module handles adding new quotes, unallocated bookings and allocated bookings. It replaces the previous booking module and is split up into the following pages/ steps:
  1. Drivers Details
  2. Booking Details
  3. Booking Fees
  4. Booking Payments 
  5. Booking Documents 
Each of these steps/ pages are shown in the tabbed navigation bar at the top of the screen.
You can navigate to any of these pages at any time in the booking process so long as the mandatory fields on previous pages have been completed. For example, if you attempt to open the Booking Payments page without filling in the necessary driver details an error window will be displayed with the fields that need to be filled.

Mandatory fields are highlighted by bold labels, and these fields must be filled before continuing with the reservation.
Mandatory fields may change depending on reservation type (quote, booking, unallocated booking) and the system parameters that have been set.

When the Booking Payments page is opened the new reservation is automatically submitted into the RCM system.
You can also manually submit the reservation by clicking the Submit button in the top right of the page.
Clicking Cancel will restart the reservation process and remove any customer data entered in the previous session.
Clicking the X icon will close the window.
Note that reservations can only be submitted once the Drivers Details, Booking Details and Booking Fees pages are complete.

For maintenance and non-revenue bookings the Booking Fees and Booking Payments pages are unavailable and can be submitted once the Drivers Details and Booking Details pages are completed.

Driver’s Details

The Driver’s Details page is where details regarding the primary and additional drivers is entered. This includes names, contact details, licence details and addresses.

Primary Driver
If the reservation is being made for an existing customer, you can search for the existing customer record and automatically fill in the driver details. Fields with a “Search…” placeholder are fields that you can search customer records from, these fields include:
  1. Last Name
  2. First Name
  3. Email
  4. Postcode
  5. License No
If more than one of these fields is filled, then only records matching all entered details will be displayed.

If you attempt to move to another step/ page without filling the mandatory fields a message will be displayed stating the fields that need to be entered.

Please note: You will not be able create or update a booking if you have entered a Driver's License Number that is less than 5 digits. If the License Number is less than 5 digit, you will be unable to move on to the next steps, and this error will display.

When adding a Company, you can either search for an existing Company by Name or Account Number or you can add a new Company. To display the search box, click the search icon next to the Company label. Similarly, the New Company fields can be displayed by clicking the + icon.

Additional Drivers

To add additional drivers, click the plus icon in the additional driver’s section (bottom of page) and enter the driver’s details. Like the Primary Driver you can automatically fill the additional driver’s details if they’re an existing customer.

Any additional drivers will be displayed in the Additional Drivers table, from here you can delete drivers (red bin icon), update drivers (green pencil icon) or switch additional drivers with the primary driver (blue arrows icon).

Booking Details

The Booking Details screen is where details regarding the reservation are entered, this includes details like reservation type, vehicle, pickup/ drop-off locations and times.

If an allocated booking is being made then the Vehicle section will be displayed, this lists available vehicles based on the entered Booking Details. Once a vehicle is selected you can click the info icon to view the vehicle details, you can also enter the odometer and fuel details in this section.

There is also a Notes section where additional notes can be added to the reservation, and these notes will appear on the Booking Documents. If the System Parameter "Allow Notes entered in Booking Form" is set to "Yes," this section will appear at the bottum of the Booking Details tab:

If this system Parameter is set to "No", then this field will not appear, and you will be unable to enter notes. If there are already notes saved against this booking, but the parameter is set to "No", you will be able to see the notes, but will be unable to edit them.

Once the Booking Details have been entered you can open the Booking Fees page to view rental rates and add fees to the booking.


This Insurance page is an extra tab that will only appear on the Booking module if the RCM Company is marked for Insurance Hires. For more information, please see the Insurance Tab article.

Booking Fees

The Booking Fees page allows you to manage any fees, rates or discounts that are applied to the reservation. This includes Free Kms options, insurance and extra fees.
Total values will also be shown including rental value, extras and a combined grand total.

To save any selections/ changes made on this page either click “Submit” or open the Booking Payments page.

Booking Payments

The Booking Payments page displays basic reservation details and a detailed summary of all fees and rates for the reservation. If the reservation being added is a booking (not a quote) then payments can be added and credit cards can be entered into the credit card vault. If the booking is for an existing customer who has entered credit cards previously then these card details can also be viewed.

The payment fields are displayed once the + icon is clicked. To add a new payment, select a Billing Location, Date of payment, tender type and enter an amount and payment reference number. The payment can then be saved by clicking “Add Payment”.

Any existing payments will also be listed, these payments can be deleted or edited by clicking the red delete icon or green edit icon.

Credit Cards
To view existing credit cards for the customer, click the vault icon next to Payments, this will display a list of existing cards as well as the option to add a card to the vault.

Booking Documents

The Booking Documents page is where documents relating to the reservation can be viewed, printed or emailed. This includes documents like invoices, receipts, confirmations and rental agreements.

For more information on these option please see the  Customer Documents Emails and Other Functions article 

Updating a Reservation

Updating a reservation is a similar process to adding a reservation, whether it’s a quote, booking or unallocated booking. The type of reservation you are updating (booking, unallocated or quotation), reservation number and the name of the primary driver will be clearly shown in the header of the booking module.

The booking module behaviour in terms of mandatory fields, customer searching, selecting vehicles and other features is the same as when adding a reservation. .
Note that if a booking is being updated that has a vehicle allocated,  the vehicle selection section will now appear at the top of the page, and the ' Do not move' option will be available.

As it is an existing reservation that is being updated you can go to any page and update details on that page at any time rather than progressing through each step/ tab in order.
Once any changes have been made you can click “Submit” in the top right of the screen to save the changes or open the Booking Payments/ Booking Documents tab to automatically save the changes.

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