Reservation Sheet

Reservation Sheet


The Reservation Sheet provides a visual way to view allocated bookings for selected categories of vehicles.

Moving a booking from one vehicle to another is simple using the Reservation Sheet. You can either drag a reservation to another vehicle (drag and drop) or click on the move vehicle icon to the right of the plate number. 

Bookings that have a length of over 9 days now have 2 labels, 1 at each end of the booking object in the case that only the beginning or end of the booking can be seen in the selected date range. You can also hover your cursor over the booking object to view more details.

The reservation sheet is now linked to our language module allowing you to change the language used for the reservation sheet.

NOTE: Moving a booking from one vehicle to another is only possible for vehicles with the reservation status. Therefore you will not be able to move a booking to a vehicle that has already been hired. 

Using the Reservation Sheet

To access the Reservation Sheet first click "Reservations" then "Reservation Sheet". 
Reservations > Reservation Sheet

From the Reservation Sheet page you can display reservations by regions or locations, date range, vehicle type and vehicle category. You can now also select dates by clicking the calendar icons to open a calendar where you can then select a date.

The order in which the vehicle categories are displayed on the Reservation Sheet depends on the ordering assigned to Vehicle Categories from the Vehicle Categories page.

The vehicle registration number displayed on the Reservation Sheet is a clickable link that enables you to select a vehicle for a new reservation. If you hover the mouse pointer over the vehicle registration number a popup appears with the vehicle's details.

You can set up the Reservation Sheet Defaults through the System Parameters - System Setup > System Parameters > Reservation Sheet Defaults

Colour Code Legend and Filtering

  1. Every reservation displayed on the Reservation Sheet is colour coded, with the colour referring to the status of the booking/reservation. 
  2. The legend also acts as a way to filter the types of reservations you see in the sheet. 
  3. As shown in the image below, some reservation types contain a checkbox next to them, to hide a type of a reservation from the sheet simply uncheck the box that corresponds to the reservation type you wish to hide.

 Types of Reservations

  1. Reservation - A reservation/booking that is yet to be picked up. I.e. "Hired".
  2. One Way - A reservation/booking that is getting picked up and dropped off at two different locations. I.e. Perth Airport > Broome Airport
  3. Hired - When the vehicle has been picked up, I.e. "Hired".
  4. Returned - When the vehicle has been dropped off after it's been hired. I.e. "Returned".
  5. Closed - Any booking that gets closed will show a stripe pattern as seen below. Bookings can only be closed once the Balance Due has been paid in full. 
  6. Maintenance - The olive green colour indicates when a car is undergoing maintenance. 

You also have the option to make virtual and non - revenue bookings. 

Unavailable at Location 

The "Unavailable within location" option allows you to display or hide vehicles that are unavailable at the selected location.  The  "Unavailable within location" highlights  a light blue colour for easier visibility.

Same Day Turnaround 

The 'Same Day' indicator shows   that there is a same day turnaround hire. The upcoming reservation on the same day will have a red arrow to indicate the same day turnaround. Note that clicking on the "Same Day" button at the top on the reservation sheet will make all the upcoming same day reservations flash for a few seconds to warn the user about prioritising particular reservations, such as those with the same day turnaround.

Adding a Reservation

To add a reservation click the registration number of the vehicle you wish to reserve. You may also click on an individual cell to create a reservation for that vehicle and date.
Clicking the vehicle's registration number or a specific cell displays the New Reservation page where the reservation’s details are specified. 

How to Update a Reservation and View the Reservation Details 

  1. Click on the colour block that represents the reservation/booking you wish to update. This will take you to the booking module where you can update the booking. 
  2. Click on the information icon at the end of the reservation block. This will take you to the booking details screen for that reservation/booking. 

For more information on the booking module, eg -  how to add and update reservations, see below:
  1. Adding and Updating a Reservation 

Dragging and Dropping to move a Reservation

Move to a different vehicle in the same vehicle category

To move an existing booking to a new vehicle you can click and drag the booking to another vehicle in the same category. In short, the drag and drop feature cant be used to move a reservation to a different category.

If you attempt to drag and drop a booking and change the pickup date (to another column) the booking will not be moved. 

To change the pickup and dropoff date for a booking you must click on the booking and change the dates through the Update Reservation page, you cannot drag and drop a booking to another pickup and dropoff date.

Move to a vehicle at a different location

When you move an existing booking to a different vehicle, the rules that apply when you initially allocate a vehicle to a booking will either be applied or ignored depending on the value you have set for the System Parameter shown below.

If you have this flag set to Yes and you try to move the booking to a vehilce with the last drop off in a differnt location, it will not be allowed and the following error message will be displayed.

Move Reservation(s) to the same or a different vehicle category

As mentioned above, the drag and drop option doesn't give you the option to move a booking to a different vehicle category. This however can be done when selecting the orange arrow next to the vehicle you wish to move a booking to. 

Cancel a Reservation

To cancel a reservation follow the process detailed above in the "How to Update a Reservation..." section.  Once you are on the Update Reservation page change the Type to “Cancelled”. You must also select a reason for cancellation on the payments page. 

Cancelled reservations will no longer appear on the Reservation Sheet.

Helpful Tools in the Reservation Sheet

There are often updates made to the reservation sheet. They tend to be general user interface related tools that make reading and navigating the reservation sheet easier. 

  • Zoom in cursor that goes to the day sheet. This is an optional feature that is essentially a shortcut that takes you from the reservation sheet to the day sheet, depending on what date you selected in the header.
  • Highlight feature. This is another optional feature which make it easier for the user to navigate dates and bookings.
  • 1920 x 1080 (Recommended) display resolution. This will show exactly 31 days on the reservation sheet.
  • Vertical Red line. This red line will go down the reservation sheet to indicate the current date. The "Today" button will re adjust the report back to today's date. (If today's date is selected in the range that you run the sheet for).

 The header now has 2 new functions

  • Hover over dates to prompt the Zoom in cursor. Click to then access the day sheet for that particular date.

  • Hold shift and then select header on the dates you wish to highlight. This means the user can select a range and scroll down to check usage of cars between/inside the highlighted columns.

There is also a red line that goes down the side on the reservation sheet that indicates the current date. The "Today" button will re adjust the report back to today's date. (If today's date is selected in the range that you run the sheet for).

Also note that the columns for each day are now smaller. This means that most HD monitors when setting the display resolution to 1920 x 1080 (Recommended) will show exactly 31 days on the reservation sheet, unless specified differently on the Reservation Sheet Defaults. 

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