RCM Lite Menu Pages

RCM Lite Menu Pages


In RCM Lite, there is a menu along the top of the screen. This menu can be used to navigate RCM Lite and access its different pages and functions. This menu is shown below and each of the options is described in the following sections:

More detailed information about RCM Lite can be found here RCM Lite - Overview.


Pressing on the home button will take you to the page shown below. It will display all the pickups and drop offs on the selected day and at a chosen location. To change the day you are viewing, press the date and select a new one on the calendar function that opens. Then press "Set".

The above image is how the home page will be displayed if the location is set to a specific location. Each booking will be displayed on a separate line in the table, and it will show the Pickup or Dropoff Time, the Reservation Number, the Details (the customer Last Name and the Category of vehicle) and the Registration Number of the Vehicle.
If the Location is set to "All", it will be displayed as shown below, where there is an additional line before each booking that lists the pickup location. Please note that Agent Bookings are bolded.

In both the Pickup and Dropoff section there is also a button that says "Show/Hide Completed Pickups" or "Show/Hide Completed Dropoffs." By pressing this button, you are able to switch between whether completed bookings are shown or not. Completed Pickups are those that have already been hired out, and if these are hidden then it will only show the bookings that haven't been hired yet. Similarly, Completed Drop-Offs refer to bookings that have been returned. Pickups and Drop-Offs that have been completed are marked with a green tick. Below are two pictures of the home page, where the bookings are hidden and shown respectively. 

To view and update a bookings information and to complete the hiring or returning process, you can press on the blue reservation number, as this will take you to the Booking Summary page.


The Bookings menu tab will take you to the screen shown below. This page provides you with two different ways to search for specific bookings. The first is to type in the Booking Number and press continue. This will take you directly to the Booking Summary screen of the corresponding booking.

The second option is to search via QR code. To do this you just need to press the green Scan QR Code button you can see above, then scan the QR code on the Booking Details page in RCM. It is also visible on the Booking Documents tab in the Booking Form.


Either of these two methods will take you to the Booking Summary page. On this page you will see the booking and customer information as well as numerous buttons that allow you to complete the hiring or returning process. For information on this please see the RCM Lite Hiring Out Bookings and the RCM Lite Return Process articles.


Similar to the Bookings menu tab, the Vehicles one allows you to search or a specific vehicle in three ways. The first is to enter the vehicles Registration Number then press "Continue."

The second is the scan the Vehicle's QR Code. RCM provides QR codes for vehicles that you can print on standard labels for laminating and placing on vehicle windscreens. You can access the QR codes in RCM by accessing: Vehicle Maintenance >> QR Codes.

The Vehicle QR code screen will display. From this screen you can choose to display the QR Codes for individual or multiple vehicles. Choose the Location and Category information, and select if you only want to 'View available for Booking' vehicles, then click on "View".
The Vehicles will display in table format for selection - you can select all, or select individual vehicles. If you will be printing the QR codes, you are able to select a Label Template from the Template drop down box. When you have finished selecting the required vehicles click on 'Create QR Codes'. 

The QR codes will display ready for printing or scanning. 

On RCM Lite you just need to select the "Scan QR Code" button, and scan the QR Code for the vehicle.

The third way to search for a vehicle is to select the "Scan Licence Plate" button. From here you just need to take a photo of the vehicle's licence plate and RCM Lite will scan this photo, and find the vehicle with this license plate.

Any of these three methods will automatically open the Vehicle Details Screen. On this screen you can view the vehicle basic details, the Last/Current and Next Bookings, as well as add images and inspections. For more information, please see the RCM Lite Vehicle Maintenance article.


In the menu at the top of the screen you will see "Hello USERNAME", as shown below. This is the username with which you are logged into RCM Lite. 

When you wish to log out of RCM Lite, simply press the "Logout" button and this will immediately take you out of the system and back to the login screen.

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