GL Postings Report

GL Postings Report


The general ledger posting report displays a suggested revenue journal for the selected location, region, brand and date range. This report is based either on reservations that are closed over the selected dates or for reservations that have been hired and/or returned over the selected dates.
The report consolidates rental revenues by the GL Code entered in the System Parameters submenu against 'Rental Revenue.' It also consolidates the extra fees revenue by the GL codes entered in the Extra Fees submenu.
Additionally, the amount of cash received is displayed against the GL Accounts assigned to Bank and Cash Debtors in the System Parameters submenu under the System Setup menu. 
From this report, you can key a consolidated sales journal for all revenues and cash received.

Accessing GL Postings Report

Reports >> Monthly Financial Reports >> GL Posting Report


Pickup Location
This report can be run for All Locations or a specific location
This report can be run for All Regions or a specific region
This report can be run for All Brands or a specific brand.
Tax Type
This report can either be run or GST Exclusive or GST Inclusive.
Booking and Date Range Type
This report can be run for one of the following options when it comes to the date range:
  1. Closed bookings with Date Closed from
  2. Hired or Returned bookings with Drop Off Date from
  3. Hired or Returned bookings with Pick Up Date from
Date Range
The date range that will be used for the report.


Sales Revenue
The type of Sales revenue.
All of the rental rates will appear in one called Rental Revenue.
Each of the extra or insurance fees that fall within this reporting period will have a record with the name of the fee and the Sales Revenue.
Cash Receipts Revenue
The Cash Receipts revenue type.
GL Code
The GL code that has been assigned to the Sales Revenue or Cash Receipt Revenue type in the system parameters.
The GL code is either assigned at the rental revenue level or the individual extra fee level.
The amount to be treated as a debit transaction.
The amount to be treated as a credit transaction.

Points to Note

  1. Sales Revenue postings are based on the pickup location or region in the selected date range.
  2. Cash Receipts Revenue postings are based on the billing location or region with receipt dates in the selected date range.


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