Links to RCM Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Links to RCM Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Click on the links below to view Videos on the setup and use of RCM:

  1. Demonstration Video
  1. Booking Module - How to make a Booking
  1. Editing Your Rental Agreement & Other Templates
  1. Adding / Updating Vehicle Category Types
  1. Adding / Updating Vehicle Categories
  1. Adding / Updating Rate Structures 
  1. Adding / Updating Seasons
  1. Adding / Updating a Company
  1. Adding / Updating a Location

    Important Articles

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      • Getting Started with RCM

        The Getting Started with Rental Car Manager (RCM) guide walks you through the process of setting up RCM so that you can start using the system. Here is a link to the guide Getting Started With RCM Guide. The topics discussed in this document are kept ...
      • Credit Cards within RCM

        Rental Car Manager allows you to securely store your customers’ credit card(s) against a booking. To ensure that this meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements set out by Visa, MasterCard and other card providers a tokenized ...
      • Cancelled Bookings in RCM

        Purpose The Cancel function allows you to cancel a reservation in RCM that will no longer go ahead.  This applies to all reservations including  allocated/unallocated reservations and quotes. A reservation that has been cancelled, will show the ...
      • RMS-RCM Tag Free Integration

        The RMS-RCM Integration is no longer available to setup as a new integration, as RMS is not taking on new customers. As a result of this, a new toll integration has been developed. For more information, please see the Rental Toll Manager - New ...
      • Q: How does SMS messaging on RCM work?

        A:  RCM allows you to send SMS messages directly from the system to a customer's mobile phone. When sending an SMS, the system defaults to the mobile phone number entered in the Reservation. The mobile number can also be overridden and entered ...