Links to RCM Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Links to RCM Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Click on the links below to view Videos on the setup and use of RCM:

  1. Demonstration Video
  1. Booking Module - How to make a Booking
  1. Editing Your Rental Agreement & Other Templates
  1. Adding / Updating Vehicle Category Types
  1. Adding / Updating Vehicle Categories
  1. Adding / Updating Rate Structures 
  1. Adding / Updating Seasons
  1. Adding / Updating a Company
  1. Adding / Updating a Location

    Important Articles

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      • Credit Cards within RCM

        Rental Car Manager allows you to securely store your customers’ credit card(s) against a booking. To ensure that this meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements set out by Visa, MasterCard and other card providers a tokenized ...
      • Cancelled Bookings in RCM

        Purpose The Cancel function allows you to cancel a reservation in RCM that will no longer go ahead.  This applies to all reservations including  allocated/unallocated reservations and quotes. A reservation that has been cancelled, will show the ...
      • RMS-RCM Tag Free Integration

        The RMS-RCM Integration is no longer available to setup as a new integration, as RMS is not taking on new customers. As a result of this, a new toll integration has been developed. For more information, please see the Rental Toll Manager - New ...
      • Q: How does SMS messaging on RCM work?

        A:  RCM allows you to send SMS messages directly from the system to a customer's mobile phone. When sending an SMS, the system defaults to the mobile phone number entered in the Reservation. The mobile number can also be overridden and entered ...
      • RCM Reports

        Reports within RCM There are many and varied reports available within Rental Car Manager (RCM), allowing you to query information for a variety of reason. These reports can be broken down into the following categories: Booking Reports Sales/Financial ...